ProVia Terra Cut

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Flat Boxes Contain 10 sq.ft.

Corner Boxes Contain 6 ln.ft.

The Terra Cut stone collection is a ProVia exclusive that embodies key characteristics of weatherworn, coarse-grained, and coral style stones. This one-of-a-kind manufactured stone profile creates a striking appearance through a sensational amount of texture within each stone, as well as multiple dimensions from stone to stone.


*Terra Cut Frost (*Enhanced Color)

Provia's Enhanced Coloring System is an all-new stone coloring process designed to capture the beauty of natural stone colors, while elevating the vibrant intensity of selective stones. This advanced coloring process involves multiple stages of hand-layering rich pigments, resulting in subtle color shades with maximum depth and enhanced curb appeal.


*Terra Cut Niagara (*Premium Enhanced Color) 

Premium Enhanced coloring system involves everything the Enhanced process involves with the addition of hand-selecting individual stones to receive specialized color, bringing out maximum depth and vibrant curb appeal, to create a unique look you won't find anywhere else.